Science Fair Projects

Does the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth


The objective: My objective is to find out how different light colors affect plant growth.


4 boxes
- Colored Transparencies: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Clear.
- 5 flower pots and plastic bowls (for drainage)
- 15 lima bean seeds
- Potting soil
- Tap water
- 5 rulers
- Scissors
- Box cutters
- Construction paper in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White.
- Tape
- Cup
- Paper towel

I built three boxes with 5 different colored transparencies on top and front. I planted seeds about ½ inch into the pots and let them grow. I recorded measurements every 2-3 days. The Plants were shown different colored light. There were 3 different plants for each different colored light. I measured overall height and leaf width for the tallest and best plant of each color.


The red grew the tallest, but the transparent was the healthiest. The blue died midway through the project and the yellow was close to beating red. The green did poorly.


My hypothesis was somewhat correct because red was the tallest and green was the worst living plant. I did not expect that the transparent plant would be the healthiest. I conclude that if you want a healthy plant show the plants the full color spectrum, but if you want a tall plant you should only show the plant red light.

The aim of the project was finding out how different colored lights affect plant growth.

Science Fair Project done By Adam Z. Kalawi


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