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Effect of Color on Cherry Trees


The objective: I want to determine if there is one color that can be used to paint our cherry trees that will protect them from sunburn without causing harvest delays.


My experimental method utilizes a Random Block Design comprised of 12 cherry trees in our orchard. I used a power sprayer to paint 4 trees white, 4 trees black, 4 trees silver, and 4 trees were left unpainted as my control. I took numerous measurements over a one year period to evaluate tree growth, pre harvest data, and post harvest data.


Based on all the field tests and resulting data, the color white had the most favorable overall response on the trees followed by silver and then black.


I conclude that my hypothesis was incorrect. Silver was not the color that would provide the best overall qualities for sunburn protection and elimination of harvest delays.

The purpose of this project was to determine how different colors painted on a tree surface can effect tree health and fruit maturity.

Science Fair Project done By Aubryn R. Butterfield


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