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Fruits: Healthy or Not


The objective: The problem is How does the different types of fruit have different types of vitamin C and Sugar. Many people in the U.S. suffer from diabetes and obesity, they like all other people need vitamin C to stay healthy, but unlike regular people, they cannot consume certain amounts of sugar. This project was done to try to identify the different amounts of sugar and vitamin C in fruits to see which is most beneficial to diabetics and people with obesity. It is hypothesized that the Oranges will have the most Vitamin C and the least sugar, and the Apples will have the least vitamin C and the most sugar. The hypothesis was made based on the research conducted about fruits before the project. (


A brief procedure is stated below. Blend each of the four fruits to a liquid puree, those are the variables, and put them each in five test tubes, fifty drops per test tube. Then, add ten drops of Benedicts Solution, and see what color the fruit puree becomes. This produces 5 samples per fruit. The data is recorded by the color, for example, blue color means no sugar, and red is a lot of sugar. After that, fill the other 25 test tubes with 40 drops each of Vitamin C indicator solution. Take a fruit puree and, using a dropper, drip drops of puree into the solution until it turns clear. Count the drops. Repeat for all fruits and control, water.


The results dont support the hypothesis because the results show that the grapes have the most vitamin c and the least sugar, and the fruit the most sugar and the least vitamin c is apple.


This project tests the different amounts of sugar and vitamin C in fruits to identify which is most healthy for the diabetic and obese.

Science Fair Project done By Jia Han Deng


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