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The objective: The Objective of my project is to develop an easy to use multi-task software program for the Palm Pilot hand held unit (PDA) for use by elementary through high school aged students. It will organize a student's school and home tasks, as well as scheduled activities and classes. It will also allow students to create and take quizzes,grade and store quiz scores and calculate real-time grades/progress using a relatively inexpensive device.


I used a standard Windows PC along with Satellite Form Mobile APP Designer software (a PC software development tool) to create my program. I learned many aspects of programming in the process. I used a Palm OS Emulator to test the program. I downloaded the program onto my Palm Pilot PDA for further testing and use at school. I am beginning to use a Microsoft Access Database for storing information and reports.


Creating this program took longer than I thought it would. Learning basic programming was confusing at first. The program had more 'bugs' that needed to be fixed than I thought it would, and some were not that easy to fix. Testing also took a long time, and still continues. Nonetheless, I think it could be a great tool for students to help them stay organized and do better in school. Plus, I learned a lot about computer programming while doing it!


The program turned out to be able to do most of the things I wanted it to do. It is simple to use for even elementary aged students. Other quiz and scheduling programs available are not as easy as mine to use. Other scheduling programs do not link student information together like TKO does. It also stores assigment details for all subjects and keeps track of ongoing grades.

This project created an easy to use multi-task software program for students to use for school/home organization and learning.

Science Fair Project done By Eric J. Christensen


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