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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

A stethoscope is an instrument used by doctors to hear sounds generated from within human body. They are used to listen to the heart, lungs and intestinal tract. They are also used for measuring blood pressure. If you dream to be a doctor one day this activity will interest you a lot. You can make simple stethoscope very easily. But first of all you must learn a bit about it. Visit the following website and you will find all the details about a stethoscope in a language that you can follow easily.

You may also be interested to know, when and who made the first stethoscope, and how its design has evolved ever since. The following website gives an exhaustive information about all this:

A stethoscope as you would now know, is based on the principle of collecting sound waves from a particular area, and transferring them to the ears of its user through a pipe/s. Thus to make a stethoscope you would need something to collect sound waves (like the bell of a doctor's stethoscope, and some tube.

Make a Stethoscope

Make a Stethoscope

The most common object used for the bell of the stethoscope in the designs described in the following

However, you can use any of the following if you cannot get hold of a funnel:

An empty ice-cream cup

A cover of a disposable soft drink tumbler

The cover of a damaged electric plug top

The cover of a boot polish container The next item you need is some PVC tube and a T joint.. You may get a t joint from a hardware shop or from a glass blower. You can get PVC tube from a doctor or a hospital (doctors often have to administer glucose or saline solution to their patients.

These solutions are often dispensed in the form of disposable polythene bags fitted with PVC tubes.

If you can successfully collect all these items, you only need to use your ingenuity to put together a stethoscope.