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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective: Articles Required : A large glass case, water glass, metallic salts and water.

Most of us live in crowded places— where we don't even have commun­ity parks, what to talk of a house garden. Then how would you react if we show you a way to grow a garden inside your own room and that too within a few hours? Aren't you surprised?

Come, let's begin. First of all, put a thick layer of sand in the glass case. Now pour water-glass and add plain water in it. You know what water-glass is? It is the same thing which is used to preserve fish eggs in acquariums.

Having got this ready, you have to sow the 'seeds'. Your 'seeds' are the grains preferably of 1 mm size, of metallic salts like copper chloride, copper sulphate, lead nitrate, man­ganese sulphate, aluminium sul­phate, ferrous sulphate, ferrous chloride, copper nitrate, nickle sul­phate, cobalt chloride and cobalt nitrate etc. These are available from a chemist shop.

These 'seeds' must be embedded in the sand properly. Moreover, make sure that the case doesn't shake, asthis can displace the salts and spoil the show.

A little while after sowing your 'seeds', you can witness the emer­gence of exotic colourful plants of different sizes and shapes. An ideal showpiece for your living room that will impress not only your family but also friends and guests!

However, it can take a few hours for the garden to come up completely. But when you wish to change the water, you'll have to siphon it off carefully without disturbing the sand