Science Fair Projects

Statistics and M&Ms


The objective: How many tablets of blue, orange, brown, etc. of M&M's will there be in one bag, and what is my chances to select a color every time I pik a bunch of M&M's?


a-big bag of M&M's
b- several plastic cups
Put the M$M colors in each cup.
Count how many colors there are in each cup.
Count all M&M's to find out how much the total is.
Find how many percent chances you will get if you pick any color of M&M's
Make a pie chart or bar graph.
Pick one M&M from a bag or cup and see what color you get..


The first time I did my experiment I counted the different color of M&M. When I counted the blue, orange, green, and brown they had the same numbers, but then I found out that red has a less number then the other colors and yellow is the least number of all colors.


There is a lot more information available on the internet than is possible to list in one paper and more is becoming available everyday. With this information, it is hoped that teachers will get a good start in the right direction, and then they will be able to explore more resources on their own.

This Mathematical project involves Statistics on the number of M&M's in one bag.

Science Fair Project done By Alex Badawi


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