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Do Acoustic Tiles Really Block Sound


The objective: The purpose of this project was to ascertain whether or not acoustic tiles really blocked out sound waves as they advertised.


The materials I tested were:
Armstrong 755 Acoustic Tile
Armstrong 933 Acoustic Tile
I put on the constant beep song on 100% volume on my computer then I inserted the various insulations via the top slot of the box.

I then inserted the decibel meter into the hole in the front and gradually turned down the computer volume until the decibel meter stopped picking up sound. Then I put the computer volume when the decibel meter stopped picking up sound in my journal and I repeated until I tested every acoustic material multiple times.


The following list says when each acoustic material stopped picking up sound from the computer:
Pinewood - 90%
Fiberglass - 62%
Armstrong 755 Acoustic Tile - 58%
Armstrong 933 Acoustic Tile - 49%
Styrofoam - 31%
Control (nothing) - 15%


In conclusion my hypothesis was incorrect because I thought that the Armstrong 933 acoustic tile would have blocked out the most sound but the pinewood blocked out the most sound by far.

This project tested different acoustic materials to ascertain whether acoutic tiles blocked sound.

Science Fair Project done By Harrison G. Smith


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