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Published on Sep 05, 2023

Make Your Mark


The objective: How do the marks from different brands of permanent markers react to being washed in soap and water?


My hypothesis is that the Grand and Toy brand and the Sharpie brand markers are very good permanent markers, that will not be washed with soap and water. Other markers may lose their color with over and over washing.


• 6 different types of permanent marker

• Masking tape

• 12 pieces of identical cloths, each 6 inches square

• Washing machine

• Laundry detergent

• Water

• Camera


1. Label the markers 1-6 with the masking tape.

2. Use each marker to mark on two pieces of cloths. Write the markers number and name on the corner of the cloth for identification. Let the ink dry.

3. Separate the cloths into two piles of 6 cloths. Each pile should have a cloth from each marker.

4. Set one pile aside. This will be the control that you will compare to the washed cloths.

5. Place the other pile of cloths in the washing machine, add the detergent, and run the load through regular cycle with hot water.

6. Remove the cloths and order them from darkest to lightest. Compare the washed cloths to the originals. Be sure to note the colour as well as the lightness of the mark. Record your observations, take pictures.

7. Repeat step 5 and step 6 at least two more times.


Make Your Mark


Make Your Mark


My hypothesis was partially correct. Grand & Toy and Sharpie brand markers faded very little, however FenLot brand faded the least. From this science project I conclude that not all permanent markers are permanent.

BIC brand permanent markers faded the most after three washes. La Grip brand permanent markers faded but less than Bic Brand. Sharpie, Fenlot and Grand & Toy markers faded only slightly and the ink bled when washed. FenLot markers faded the least after each wash.

I conclude that Grand & Toy, Sharpie and FenLot are the permanent marker whose ink does not fade away after washing. Sharpie markers use AP Certified nontoxic formula to make the mark stronger. Fenlot is the most permanent marker. Fenlot uses oil in the formula with other ingredients to make the marker, which make it more resistant to fading. Oil Pigmented inks resist fading the best.


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Science Fair Project done By Karen Lu, Mary Xie, Felicia Leung and Amy Yu