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The objective: To determine if solar-powered fans can cause enough air circulation to decrease the ambient temperature inside automobiles in warm climates.


DC Motor
Cardboard Housing
Solar panel
A small fan
solder gun

Method-The Solar Fans were placed in the identical positions on the dashboards of three different models of vehicles over a period of time. Everything fifteen minutes the vehicles internal ambient temperature was taken and recorded, and subsequently graphed. The outside temperature was compared to the inside temperature so that it could be compared and contrasted giving us a perspective on the efficiency and effectiveness of our contraption.


Within a time span of two hours and thirty minutes, the solar fans reduced the Honda Civic's internal temperature by five degrees Celsius, the Honda Accord's by three degrees Celsius, and the Honda Pilot's by 2 degrees Celsius.


Solar-powered fans can cause enough air circulation to decrease the ambient temperature inside automobiles in warm climates.

Utilizing a reusable natural resource to decrease the ambiant temperature in the interior of a vehicle in warm climates.

Science Fair Project done By Juan A. Vasquez



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