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Calories Really Count


The objective: The goal of my experiment was to build a calorimeter to measure the number of calories in selected snacks. For the experiment, I selected (1) Cheetos Puffs, (2) Pringles Potato Chips, (3) Planters Cocktail Peanuts, and (4) Blue Diamond Almonds.


I measured calories by burning food in a homemade calorimeter. I measured the temperature of the water. I burned the food then took the temperature after the food was burned. I also measured the temperature of the metal parts of the calorimeter.

Six 5.5 ounce apple juice cans Mortar and Pistil · Tin Foil Fuel Tablets
Thermometer Cheetos Puffs
Clamps Pringles Potato Chips,
Holding Stand Planters Peanuts
Burner Made out of a Tea Strainer Blue Diamond Almonds
Grill Made out of a Coat Hanger


Planters Peanuts were way over the amount that were stated.
Frito Lay Cheetos were less that the stated amount.
Blue Diamonds Almonds were healthier than stated on the back.
Pringles Potato Chips were only two calories more than stated.


Some of my results showed that there were fewer calories than was stated on the labels. This was because excess heat was escaping. I also discovered that the peanuts label was the most inaccurate. The peanuts contained 101 more calories than listed.

This project is to measure calories to see if certain food labels are correct.

Science Fair Project done By Adam E. Nunziato


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