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Don't Wanna Have Cold Feet


The objective: The objective of my experiment was to determine which type of insulation maintains the temperature of warm and cool water the longest.


Six identical jars were obtained, five were wrapped with different types of insulation and one was left unwrapped as a control. Water was heated to ninety-two degrees fahrenheit and added to each of the jars, the change in temperature was recorded every five minutes for forty-five minutes. This test was repeated three times. The same procedure was used with water cooled to forty degrees fahrenheit. This test was also repeated three times.


The jar wrapped with the foam material held the temperature closest to the original starting point. The control without any insulation showed the greatest change in temperature.


My conclusion was that of all the materials tested the foam worked as the best insulator for maintaining temperature for both warm and cold water.

This project studied different insulation materials and their effect on warm and cold water.

Science Fair Project done By Lauren J. Young


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