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Effects of Different External Factors in Changing the Effectiveness of Various Antibiotics


The objective: The purpose of my research was to see medications reaction to a household substance which was mixed with bacteria.


I used 5 different medications, Duricef, Zithromax, Augmentin, Omnicef and Cifzil. Then mixed it with 4 different things you would find in your kitchen, salt, coffee, soap, wine. Next I put the household substance medication mixture on a disk (hole punched coffee filter) then the disk was placed into a petri dish infested with bacillus substillus (bacteria) then I recorded for two days.


Salt .9 Wine 1.108 Soap .97 Control 1.016 Coffee .95 Those are the average of each household objects mixed with 5 different medications and bacteria.


After completing my project I have found that wine is best at preventing bacteria growing while mixed with a medication. This does not increase the effectiveness of the drug though! The least effective household substance was salt.

This experiment wanted to see what would happen to medication if it was mixed with household substances, then mixed with bacteria

Science Fair Project done By Lauren E. Ruh


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