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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective: My project was to determine what color of plastic (red, purple, black, clear) helps water to evaporate more efficiently.


Four plastic containers -inside each container:
one small cup
sixteen cups of water
six tablespoons of dirt -covering each container:
one sheet of colored plastic
one quarter/used as weight


Collected water from each container:
-black 0.5 ml
-purple 8.5 ml
-red 9.0 ml
-clear 39 ml


My hypothesis was wrong; I thought that the red plastic wrap would be the best because it was a dark shade (which would attract heat) and it was translucent (which would let light shine through). In conclusion, the clear plastic wrap was more efficient.

This project measured how do colors affect evaporation?

Science Fair Project done By Brelynn A. Conn