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How Temperature Affects Magnets


The objective: My objective in the project was to find out if temperature would affect magnetism.


My method to test my hypothesis was to place the magnets into 4 different temperatures. After we got the magnet in that temperature we placed it into a bowl full of paper clips. The amount of paper clips that came out determined the strength of the magnet. Materials: 3 alnico magnets, 201 paper clips, low and high temperature thermometers, bowls, gripper, gloves, and Excel program.


After testing the magnets in 4 different temperatures the resuts were when the temperatures were lower the magnets picked up more paper clips.


I concluded that higher temperatures decreased magnetism, while lower temperatures increased magnetism. I also saw that there was little difference between temperatures from 100 degrees to 200 degrees because the amount of decreasing strength stops at some point.

My project is about how temperature will affect magnetism.

Science Fair Project done By Tanner B. Kaptanoglu


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