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Now You See It, Now You Don't


The objective: The object of my project was to determine if age affects the size of a person's blind spot.


The way I determined the blind spot size was I held a ruler on the subject's nose, which had an index card with a cross on the right and a dot on the left, at the end of the ruler. 120 females,60 teenagers, and 60 middle-aged women covered their right eye and observed the card moving down the ruler until the dot disappeared. The distance the card was from the subject's face was written down. The examiner continued to move the card down the ruler until the dot reappeared, this distance was also recorded. The difference between the two numbers determines their blind spot size. Each person was tested 3 times. The materials I used were: A ruler, an index card, a writing utensil, and a log book.


The results of my project were that age does affect the size of a person's blind spot. The average blind spot size for teenage girls was 2.5 inches while it was 2.9 inches for middle-aged women.


The hypothesis was, "Does age affect the size of a person's blind spot?" The results showed that age does affect the size of a person's blind spot. Therefore my hypothesis was supported.

This project determine if age affects the size of a person's blind spot size.

Science Fair Project done By Jessica A. Souza


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