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Vitamin C Concentrate in Bell Peppers


The objective: To determine what color bell pepper (red, yellow, green) contains the greatest amount of vitamin C concentrate.


I started my experiment by picking ten peppers of each color. First, using a blender, I liquified one pepper of each color to make three separate solutions. Next, using an eye dropper, I put drops of the pepper liquid into an iodine solution. The vitamin C concentrate will turn the iodine solution blue. The least amount of drops needed, the stronger the vitamin C concentrate in the pepper. I performed this procedure 10 times with each color bell pepper to increase the accuracy in my my results.


The results proved that green peppers contain the mosy amount of vitamin C and that yellow peppers contain the least amount.


I hope my experiment will advise people to eat more green peppers since they are now proven to contain more nutritional value. Even though red and yellow peppers might taste better remember that taste isn't everything!

This project was to determine if the different color bell peppers contain different amounts of vitamin C concentrate.

Science Fair Project done By Alexander T. Friedman


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