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The objective: I was wondering which wood gives off the most heat because wood costumers always ask which type of wood burns the best.


I used the idea of calorimetry to compare the heat energy of the three different types of wood; olive, almond, and "junk" wood (which is actually a low density wood such as cotton wood). First I took six pieces of each wood of the same volume by using "gravel displacement." I then burned the wood under the same conditions. I took 14 liters of water for each fire and measured their starting temperature and put them each on a fire. Every 15 minutes I measured the temperature of each 14 liters of water.


Olive wood immediatly reached boiling so I had start another pot of water. I added the temperature change of the two pots together before calculating the heat. The almond wood and "junk" wood had pretty much the same temperature change.


I came to the conclusion the olive wood definitely has more heat energy, but I was surprised almond wood did not have more heat than it did.

The project used calorimetry to determine which type of wood gave off the most heat.

Science Fair Project done By Jakob R. Duffin


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