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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

To study the compliance pattern of the most medically knowledgeable and educated group (physicians) compared to that of non physicians.


Twenty subjects- 10 non physicians and 10 physicians were given a week's worth of vitamin D tablets. These tablets were placed in pill containers labelled Monday-Sunday.

One tablet was placed in each compartment. Subjects were instructed to take 1 vitamin tablet per day.


Twenty subjects completed the study. The physician group missed an average of 1.3 pills while the non physician group missed an average of 0.3 pills.

Also, non college educated subjects missed an average of 0.4 pills while those who completed at least a college education missed 1.0 pills.


This study was an investigation of factors affecting a serious public health problem-drug non compliance. One major element is the educational level of subjects.

Many studies suggest that more educated people lead healthier lifestyles and are as a result, healthier.

This study, however, seemed to indicate that higher educational level was actually associated with worse compliance.

This study will attempt to prove whether medical knowledge is an effective and worthwhile method towards the improvement of drug compliance.

Science Fair Project done By Matthew P. Saenz