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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

My goal for this project was to test the affects of media/commercials on 12 and 13 year old kids. Media is a huge part of the average teen and preteens life. We spend most of our time on our computers, phones, or watching our TV's. We see ads everyday and they all have one thing in common. They are all trying to get us to buy that product. My objective was to dig in deeper to this concept and really try to see how these adds or in my case commercials affect 12 and 13 year old teens and preteens and how they look at there self body image


I created a survey of 21 questions about kids self body image. For most of the questions there were five possible answers: strongly agree, somewhat agree, in the middle, somewhat disagree, and strongly disagree.

About half of the children that took the survey were instructed to watch four commercials before taking the survey. The other half just took the survey.

Most of the questions were related to the topics in the commercials. I then compared the answers of the people that watched the commercials to the ones that did not.


I had varying results. On some of the questions asked on the survey the people that watched the commercials were more self conscious than the ones that did not and visa versa.

In some cases the majority of people that watched the commercials had the same answers as the majority of people that did not watch the commercials.


In the end I deemed my results inconclusive. I found that there was know way to come to a substantial conclusion from the varying data that I gathered.

I also looked back at my data and compared the answers according to gender. I found that in all cases except for one girls were ether more self conscious or tied with the boys.

The only question that the boys were more self conscious was "I wish I had more Muscle."

How comercials affect the way 12 and 13 teen year old childern look at there self body image.

Science Fair Project done By Larkin A. Levine