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E-Cops aims at centralizing Information Management in crime for the purposes of fast and efficient sharing of critical information across all the police stations.

As it is well understood that crime prevention , Detection and conviction of criminals depend on a highly responsive backbone of Information Management and the efficiency of the policing function and the effectiveness with which it tackles crime depend on what quality of information it can derive from its existing records and how fast it can have access to it.

The extra feature i.e. security added to it, through cryptography, is an updation of the existing system and prevents the misuse of records by falling into wrong hands. It is proposed to centralize Information Management in Crime for the purposes of fast and efficient sharing of critical information across all Police Stations across the territory. Initially, the system will be implemented across Cities and Towns and later on, can be interlinked so that a Police detective can access information across all records in the state thus helping speedy and successful completion to cases. The System would also be used to generate information for pro-active and preventive measures for fighting crime.


  • Technologies : Core Java.
  • Operating System : Windows 2000 Prof/XP


  • Processor : Intel Pentium based system
  • Hard Disk : 5 GB
  • RAM : 128 MB
  • Monitor Make : HP


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