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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

IRCChatClient is a 100% JAVA JSP/Servlets chat application. Here are the three requirements you need to run it :
. Servlet Engine or Application Server jsp1.0/Servlets2.1 compliant (or higher).
. JVM 1.2.2 or higher.
. Browser (Internet Explorer 4.x or higher, Mozilla 1.x, Netscape 4.x or higher)

IRCChatClient only needs HTTP to communicate between server-side (servlet engine) and client-side (browser).


IRCChatClient provides moderation feature. You can add/remove/ update moderators. A moderator is defined by a username (login), a password and an email. Email field is not mandatory. Links between moderators and chat rooms could be configured in chat room forms. In addition to chat room's moderation (kick off, ban, transcript.), a moderator can open many new chat rooms. However moderators cannot backup chat rooms, modify IRCChatClient system properties, and add/remove/update others moderators.


IRCChatClient supports multiple chat rooms. You can open new chatroom by following "open a chatroom" link. You can manage a chat room by selecting the chat room in the list box named "manage Chat room". You can backup all chat rooms by following "Backup chat rooms" link. See the screen below to locate these features.


Once logged in, an user can send messages to all users in chat room through message form. Depending on how filters(html, url converter) have been enabled,an user can send text messages or html-formated messages. url filter converts http://....into hyperlink. User can follow "refresh" link to speed up chatroom's content synchonization.

He can also follow "logout" link to leave the chatroom.

OPEN A CHATROOM : You need several parameters(basics and advanced) to open a new chatroom:

Name : The name of the chatroom

Subject : The subject of the chatroom.

Max.Users : Maximum users for the chatroom. No more users allowed to enter in the chatroom once this limit is reached. Display mode: There are four ways to display chatroom's content (i.e. chatrooms clients). It could be in an html/javascript page, an applet, a java application or in a Macromedia flash5 client. So, for html/javascript clients, you have to choose between Framed(jsp) or Buffered-Framed (JSP) modes. Buffered-Framed one is optimized to lower flickering effect.

LOGIN : All users need to fill in nickname form and select a chatroom to join it. Depending on client of skin, it could be done in different ways:

First, user enters a nickname. Then he follows the link matching to the chatroom he wants to join. Login will fail if the nickname is already in use, if the chatroom is full, or if the Ipaddress is banned.


J2SE, Servlets, JSP and Java Script.


Processor : 600 MHz or above.

RAM (SD/DDR) : 256 MB

Hard Disc : 30GB