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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

JOpenIT is a web application which aims to ease tracking IT-related information for small to medium businesses. JOpenIT has sections for Computers, Peripherals, Software, Employees, Support Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles, Policies, and News Items. It also has an Out of Office feature, and role (group) based permissions.

As a web application, JOpenIT needs to be installed on a web server, but once installed anyone can access it through a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We will develop this JOpenIT to help track issues and equipment with various components at a client site. When the client was shown what we already could do, it began the transformation from a purely IT Department internal tool to something that could also function as a basic intranet site (with general announcements or policies that could be posted for all to see).

This application makes the organization to efficiently manage their resources using the following features.


• Computers Inventory

• Software Installations & License tracking

• Peripheral Inventory (Printers, Scanners, Network Equipment, etc.)

• Employees Directory

• Out of Office tracking

• Simple Reports

• Policies and Policy Signing

• News Articles

• Support Issue Tracking

• Knowledge Base Articles

• Group (Role) based permissions

• Campuses, Departments, Categories, and other misc. info

JOpenIT is split up into a number of different Sections. Sections are different areas of JOpenIT like the Employees pages or the News section. Your system administrator controls who has access to various sections. The Support section handles issue reporting and tracking and is mainly used by IT department members. This section handles support requests, issue tracking, and problem resolution. quickly applicable


Language : JDK 1.5.0

Database : SQL

Operating System : Windows-2000/XP


Processor : Intel P-IV based system

Processor Speed : 2.0 GHz

RAM : 256MB

Hard Disk : 40GB

Key Board : 104 keys