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The improvement in technologies, lot of traditional works are been done using internet. The systems like reservations, banking and other things wear done using internet.

The main advantage of this was person need not be present at the place and was done quickly which saved the time. The main draw back of this was, it compulsorily required the costly pc.

Now the things had changed, the scenario is changing i.e. using of simple and cheaper hardware such as mobiles and handheld devices. Which provides much better mobility than PCs. Technology is moving towards mobiles which has wide spread usage and acceptability. Lot of protocols and software's are been developed to server the concept. Here we just are trying to be with the scenario. We are connecting the mobile to bank database using wml scripts and java technology.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor : Intel P-III based system
  • Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM : 64MB to 256MB
  • Hard Disk : 2GB to 30GB

Software Requirements:

  • Platform - Windows (NT/XP)
  • Languages - JSP, XML, wml, usebean, servlet &java script
  • Database - My SQL 4.0
  • Software - web logic server 7.0
  • Nokia tool kit
  • J2SDK 1.4

In today's age of new opportunism and emerging technologies, there is a new communications infrastructure on offer to transform the way business is done. This opportunity is mobile commerce, and it will drive new levels of intense competition in the finance industry. Mobile commerce achieves this by removing the traditional restrictions of geographical location and high entry costs. This time the assult on the finance industry will be led by a new weapon, the mobile phone.

  • Check Balance: users may check the balance of account and the latest transactions.
  1. Transfer Funds: User may transfer the amount to the required customer of his choice.
  2. Stop Payment: user is allowed to stop payment of cheques based on his request.
  3. Request Cheque Book: user may request the cheque books according to his requirements (10 leaves, 50 leaves, 100 leaves).
  4. Mini statement: user is also allowed to view the transactions made.
  5. Configuration: User configures the functions concerning account payment and code. Etc.


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