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Some Reasons a Computer Slows Down


The objective: To find some reasons why computers slow down.


The materials I mostly needed was a stopwatch and a computer I first installed the OS and timed the startup time, When that was done I installed applications to my computer and timed the startup time with application, and finally i got a virus and timed the start up time for that


I got the results I was looking for the OS by itself was had a fast start up time. The start up time for the PC with installed applications took a little bit longer and finally the PC with a virus took about three minutes.


I based my conclusion on my hypothesis, and my hypothesis was If you do not scan and update your computers antivirus, then your PC will not be protected from new viruses. The result of my project indicates that my hypothesis was correct. This is true because when the Symantec antivirus was disabled, and I went to the website and clicked on a link and it slowed down my system and made my computer not respond. Then I enabled the Symantec antivirus and it gave me the virus that affected my computer.

It's about the the affects of applications and viruses on a computer.

Science Fair Project done By Justin J. Arevalo


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