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VAS for Hand Held Device


This specification proposes an implementation of MMS Gateway. The prevalent of system of handling MMS content is proprietary and non interoperable and hence implementation of MMS solution is cumbersome in real time environment, which is full of devices of multimedia manufactures .The scenario being as such, an MMS Gateway provides a perfect solution. This Gateway handles the following tasks:

1. Reception of MMS messages from mobile phones for forwarding to MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center).
2. Encoding of received MMS messages in MM7 protocol.
3. Forwarding the encoded message to MMSC for delivery to respective end User device.

To demonstrate the functioning of MMS Gateway we need some more modules. They are Sender, Receiver, MMSC and content server. MMSC is useful for buffering the message if the receiver is not available. J2ME Multimedia Messaging Service (JMMS) is an application designed to provide Multimedia Messages from handheld devices. The application has also considered the limitations of the wireless network connections.

It has been designed in such a way that it can resolve the possible data loss during transmission and can cope up with the limitations/constraints of all proposed target devices irrespective of differences in their sizes, display capabilities, power supply and network support.


• Sun Java 1.4.2
• J2METK, J2ME 2.0
• MM7 Gateway
• WEB Server
• Windows 98 and above


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