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Voyage Management


In general if any user plans for any tour they must consult any traveling agency for purchasing package. At the same time the user has to do traveling reservations from source to destination, hotel reservations at destination place and other travel reservations from destination to other places, this involves lot of manual work. For all these type of reservations must be done by user by standing lot of time in a queue. To avoid these problems to reduce the manual work to the user new project was developed i.e. Voyage Management

Voyage Management is the travel agency which gives all the required facilities to their customers when they are ready to plan for any tour. By using this portal the user can book any travel packages, they can reserve their tickets for any travel, they can book hotels and also it provides help to the users.

This application consists following modules.

•  User Module

•  Reports Module

•  Distance Calculator

•  Currency Converter

1 . User Module :

This module tells all about customers and their responsibilities while accessing Grand-tour portal. If any user wants to use the facilities which are provided in this portal he/she must be register in Voyage Management portal by using username and password they can login and they can use all the facilities.

2. Reports Module:

By using this module administrator will get different types of reports regarding customers like Number of users of a portal, no of reservations done through this portal etc. And this module is controlled by administrator only.

3. Distance calculator :

Distance calculator gives the distance value between source and destination cities which gives the idea to the customers that which facility they will use on the basis of distance because for short distance customer can use car booking facility of Voyage Management or large distance they can use train, cruise or flight booking as per their budget.

4. Currency converter :

It helps very much to those visitors who are coming from foreign .If they have no idea about what is the value of their currency in Indian rupee then currency converter provides them this facility so that they can't be cheated by anyone.


  • Operating System : Windows
  • Technology : Core java, Adv Java (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
  • Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS
  • IDE : MyEclipse
  • Web Server : Tomcat
  • Database : Oracle
  • Software's : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i ;
  • Hardware : Pentium based systems with a minimum of P4
  • RAM : 256MB (minimum)


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