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Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball


My objective: The purpose of my project was to see if the number of dimples on a golf ball changes its range.


# Golf Ball Launcher (home made)
# Compressed Air Supply
# Multiple Golf Balls (test subjects)
# Measuring Equipment
# Camera
# Safe Controlled Area


1. Obtain different Titleist golf balls for testing
2. Make a golf all launcher to test the golf balls
3. Mark out every meter in an open area
4. Test each type of golf ball ten times
5. Record data while testing
6. Make a tables and graphs
7. Average the length for each ball
8. Share your results


The results of my experiment showed that the golf ball with no dimples flew the farthest when launched at 7.6 bar and the ProV1 with 332 dimples flew the farthest when launched at 5.2 bar, proving my hypothesis partially wrong.


During the testing of my project I was proved partially right. I believed that the ball with no dimples would fly the farthest when launched at my high pressure 7.6 bar (110 PSI), while the ball with 392 dimples would go the farthest when launched at the lower pressure of 5.2 bar (75 PSI). My hypothesis was proved right as the ball with 0 dimples went the farthest at 7.6 bar but, was also proved wrong as the ProV1 with 332 dimples went the farthest at 5.2 bar.

Project Done By Derek M. Abbott in CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR



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