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Can a Kid Build a New Type of Flying Machine


The objective: My objective was to build a new type of flying machine using hovering technology.


The materials needed to fulfill my prodject are 2 mm by 6 mm balsa-wood strip, 30-gauge emameled copper magnet-wire, Aluminum foil, 1 tube "Super Glue" or "Krazy Glue" brand cyanoacrylate adhesive, Sewing thread, 1 hobby knife, 1 25,000 volt generator, a DC power supply, and Scotch brand tape roll.


In my results, I had to build to different Lifters. The first one just shock back in forth. The second lifter, lifted off the ground and flew all over the place, but I tied it down to the board securlly. The more precise I was in my measerments, the more it flew.


In the conclusion, I was right, a kid can build a new type of flying machine using hovering technology, called Ion Wind. But it would be a lot more difficult to build one big e3nough for a human to ride on it.

This project is to find a non-fossil fuel way of transportation.

Science Fair Project done By Samuel H. Bashor



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