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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

How does the configuration of an object#s framework affect its ability to withstand weight? I believe that the more supports used in the truss configuration of an object#s framework, the higher its ability to withstand weight. By having different configurations in the models I will build, I believe there will be variations in the abilities to withstand weight.



Grid paper to design, Wax paper,Flat toothpicks 2-3 Packs(700/pack) Wood glue,Tape,Nail clippers,Cardboard,Soda can,small metal beads,Thumbtacks, Rubber bands


1. Plan different configurations for the structure on gird papers.

2. Test each toothpick and remove the ones that are defective.

3. Tape the grid paper on your work area.

4. Tape the wax paper on top the grid paper to avoid any glue.

5.Using the grid paper diagram as a guide, build the structure for each configuration

6. Use rubber bands and thumbtacks to support the structure as you build.

7. Let the structure dry for 24-48 hours prior to testing the stability.

8.Determine the weight it will supports before breaking by slowly adding weight to the structure.

9. Make two holes on each side at the top of a soda can and tie a string through the holes

10. Tie a piece of string to a pencil to form a loop.

11. Bend a large paperclip into a hook shape.

12. Connect one end of the hook to the pencil and another end to the soda can handle.

13. Allow the can and paperclip to hang through the hole in the cardboard that is supporting the structure.

14 Add the metal balls to the soda can until the structure is pulled down and eventually broken.

15. Measure the weight that is used to break each structure.

16. Build a total 25 structures: 5 configurations X 5 structures for each. Results The bridge type with the most Truss configuration withstood more weight with an average of 825 grams before it broke.

The bridge type with the least Truss configuration withstood less weight with an average of 600 grams .


When I added weight to tooth pick bridges with different configurations, the bridge with the most truss withstood more weight.

How does the configuration of an object's framework affect its ability to withstand weight?

Science Fair Project done By Sucharita Kumar