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How Fibonacci Is Your Face


The objective: The greater the numbers are in the Fibonacci sequence, the closer their ratios are to the perfect proportion. Based on that fact, the purpose of the project was to find out if such was true with the divine proportions on the face. This investigation was also completed to see if people known as #beautiful# had better proportions than average people. If this was the case, then the divine proportion could be incorporated into plastic and reconstructive surgery in order to improve it.


Twenty males and twenty females of each age group were gathered for testing. The age groups were: 5-7 years, 16-18 years, and 40-60 years. Ten pictures of actors and ten pictures of actresses were also tested. Pictures were taken of all the subjects from one meter away, and the following measurements were taken from each picture: the distance from the nose tip to the chin, the distance from the lips to the chin, the length of the lips, and the width of the nose. In order to get the ratios, the distance from the nose tip to the chin was divided by the distance from the lips to the chin, and the length of the lips was divided by the width of the nose.


The Actors had the best proportions out of all. The teenagers had the second closest-to-perfect ratio for the nose tip-chin/lips to chin and the children had the second closest-to-perfect ratio for the lips/ chin proportion.


It can be concluded that the infants that received Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Arachidonic acid (ARA) are able to complete more tasks involving motor, visual, and mental skills than those infants who do not receive these vital acids. DHA and ARA make a substantial difference in the visual and mental development of the infant. In addition, these nutrients help the infant to be able to get a head start on life by stimulating their brain and eye neurons.

This project show the Fibonacci ratio could improve reconstructive surgery.

Science Fair Project done By Shiri Bogomolny


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