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Comparison of Transect and Radial Sampling Methods


The objective: I attempted to determine if radial sampling methodology is more accurate than transect line sampling from a larger population sample.


I constructed a scale model forest population of twenty-five (25) scale hectares. On this flat board I randomly drew three radial samples of a scale hectare in size, and three transect line samples of the same scale size to establish comparative sample sets. I randomly threw pieces of kibble on the model board to establish the individual base population. I then collected the data for the whole population and calculated means and standard deviations for the large population, then for each of the radial and transect sample sets for comparison.


I found neither the radial nor the transect samples to be within an acceptable area of representation for the population examined.


A population sample set size of three hectares based upon a large population of twenty-five hectares may not be adequate to represent the larger population base for radial or transect sampling.

This Mathematical project attempted to determine statistically if radial sampling would more adequately represent a
larger population base population than transect sampling methods.

Science Fair Project done By Jarred D. Garcia


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