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Go! Go! Gadget


The objective: This project is designed for senior and disabled individuals by building a robot that is able to pick up objects and controlled by a wireless PS2 controller.


A robot with motors to be able to move and a motor for the claw was designed and built. It was then programmed in JAVA to be remote controlled. The robot was then tried repeatedly and results were recorded.


The robot was able to move forward, backwards, be able to pick up an object, and release it on command. It was also able to hold a first aid kit and it also has a small light in the front.


The robot worked well and almost flawlessly. It was able to open and close the claw using one motor, this was very efficient and helped me have more functions for the robot. The robot was helpful to seniors and was able to pick up certain objects for them.

This Mathematical project is to build a robot that is remote controlled to help senior and disabled people.

Science Fair Project done By Yousuf Soliman


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