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Rollin' on Hoops


The objective: Wheelchair basketball is nowadays a pretty well known sport and is played by people throughout the world. Many disabled people play on teams for fun or play competitively. This researcher wanted to find out the best defense for his own team to find help his team succeed.


Two types of defense were used on this specific team. These defenses were the man to man and the box. THe defenses were tested by seeing how many shots were taken by the offense and if they were made, missed, or blocked. The researcher videotaped teh games palyed to find if the defense was accomplishing its goal.


The best strategy is to skip about 37% of the total amount of offers and then pick the first offer which beats all of the skipped offers. Amazingly, this recipe gives about 37% chances of getting the top offer, and this predicted rate of success does not decrease when the number of offers increases.


Based on the data from the graphs and the videotape, the box defense performed better thant the man to man. The box had a lower scoring percentage and had more shots taken outside the key, which are much longer and harder to make. The man to man had a higher scoring percentage and shots were taken close to the hoop. This information has helped the experimented team find out how to win games and this test can help coaches everywhere to find the correct defense for their team.

This Mathematical project is to determine the best defense to use for the experimented wheelchair basketball team.

Science Fair Project done By Matthew S. Golembeski


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