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Investigating the Physical Characteristics of Beach Sand


The objective: While walking along the shoreline of a beach, does it ever come to mind what it is you are walking on? Of course, it is sand; but what is it made out of and where did it come from? These are interesting questions to think about. As a result, it is fascinating, yet puzzling, to consider how sands from different locations could be similar or different. Some people may wonder about these little things while they walk along a beach, but it is important to understand where such things come from and where they are now.


1 Clear tape; 30 Name Labels; 30 Slides; 30 Beach Sand Samples;1 Dissecting Microscope; 3 CDs; 1 Luster Chart; 1 Color Chart (Marine Bio. Pg97); 6 Napkins;1 pair of Gloves; 1 Data Table: Size, Color, And Luster; 1 ruler.


If different samples of beach sands are collected from around the world, and their physical characteristics size, luster and color are examined, will there be similarities and differences among the samples? Since they are from different locations, it is expected that there will be both similarities and differences. About 65 % of the samples shared similarities, and 35% showed differences within the samples. In conclusion, different samples of beach sand from around the world were tested for their physical properties, and they were shown to have similar size, color and luster.


In this study, thirty samples were collected from around the world including Aruba, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Spain and examined for their physical properties. Most of the samples have a majority of similarities and some differences as well. Most of the samples share both similarities and difference. As a result, my results contradict my hypothesis; nevertheless, my results confirm my question, Do different beach sands from around the world have similar physical characteristics size, color and luster? Yes, they do. My

Different samples of beach sands are collected from around the world, and their physical characteristics size, luster and color are examined.

Science Fair Project done By Violeta Martinez



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