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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

My objective of my Science Fair Project is to warn the population about brain cancer and cell phones. My dad passed away from brain cancer and I want to share my family's story about our personal experience and combine that with the knowledge that I have learned. I think this is a very important topic that people should know about, and I am very excited to be the one to share that.


I tested fifty students of the age between 13 and 16 in my study hall classroom. My main materials were 8x10 white printer paper, a Lexmark printer, a MacBook Pro laptop, test #1, and test #2.


The main question of my project was: If teenagers knew the risks of brain cancer would they change their ways?

When looking at the results between the first and second questionnaire, teenagers did not change their ways as predicted. But, they did change their thoughts on the topic, which is very important as well.

I was not surprised of these results.


The conclusion of my science fair project was that teenagers do not want to spend the time and energy learning about something new, even if it#s important.

They have always something on their mind and dont have time to listen to news like this.

But, once the teenagers watched the video, it did change their thoughts on brain cancer and cell phones. They were than all aware that cell phones are dangerous and are something that you should be paying closer attention to.

This project is testing whether to see if teenagers would change their ways if they knew about the risks of cell phone and brain cancer.

Science Fair Project done By Sara J. Simon