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Mobile i Broker


With number of people using mobile phones is increasing, it has become a need for users to provide on their mobiles, all facilities one is been utilizing on the internet. One of such facility is maintaining a broker application. Mobile i broker is a windows mobile 5.0 pocket pc application. This is developed in C# language using Microsoft .Net technology. This application fetching real time data from NSE website using a method called web site scrapping. By using i broker, a user can see the share values and statistics of the companies registered with national stock exchange.


i broker can help a trader to resolve all these challenges which are described above. i broker not only giving real time information, but also giving him intelligent alerts for selling and buying according to the information you are entering in the i broker application. i broker act like a personal broker in your pocket which giving you information and alerts. Trader need not to watch the NSE web site every time for the share information updates. i broker does this job for him. So trader can do his other jobs and his mobile powered with i broker will do all these trade analysis jobs for him.

Technologies used

  • 1. Microsoft .Net framework 2.0
    2. Visual studio 2005
    3. C# .Net
    4. Active sync
    5. Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK
    6. Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Emulator


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