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Ultraviolet Radiation


The objective: The objective to this project is to find whether or not an ultra violet light will effect the strength of hair strands.


The materials required for this expiriment are: 1 black light, 10 strands of hair (to be used as control), 10 strands of hair (to be ised for exposure), 1 spring scale, 1 box wrapped in tin foil. Place the black light in the box wrapped in tin foil. Turn the light on. Set 10 strands of hair in the box and cover for 48 hours. Let hair sit for an additional 24 hours after the light is turned off. Place one strand of control hair around spring scale and pull until breaks. Record grams in which it broke at. Repeat for all hair, control and exposed.


I found out that an ultra violet light does effect the strength of hair.
Average strength of control hair: 170 grams
Average strength of exposed hair: 75 grams


My conclusion is that an ultra violet light will effect the strength of hair and not to stay in the sun for long periods of time.

This project is to determine whether ultra violet light/radiation has an effect on hair strength.

Science Fair Project done By Geoffrey D. Lee


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