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Published on Sep 05, 2023


The objective:

The purpose of my experiment was to discover if average people, out of three age groups (adolescent, young adult and middle aged adult), contained the ability to predict a person's character by analyzing their handwriting, and which age group could most accurately do this.


I chose 10 handwriting samples which were best suited for my project. Then I wrote one personality description for each of the ten handwriting sample providers.

Next, I verified the accuracy of the descriptions and modified them accordingly. I created a test in which people from each age group of adolescent (12-19), young adult (20-44), and middle age (45-65), would attempt to correctly match the acquired handwriting samples and written personality descriptions.

I measured and compared the percentages of accurately matched descriptions and samples for ech age group and handwriting sample.


The percentages of accuracy for each age for each age group did not vary drastically. The overall percentages of difference for each age group carried from 13.5 percent to 14.8 percent.

The percentages of accuracy for handwriting sample A were just below 50 percent. This varied with the percentages of accuracy of the other nine samples whose percentages varried from 0 percent to 26.6 percent.


My hypothesis ( The average person has the ability to predict personalities by analyzing handwriting and that the adolescent age group can most accurately perform this task), was rejected by the data found in my project.

From the results of this experiment I did not find support that age affects one's ability to match handwriting samples and personalities correctly.

Additionally, I did not find information which implied that the average person could decide a person's character by analyzing their handwriting.

The differences in accuracy of average people out of three psychological developmental age groups in ability to determine one's personality by analyzing their handwriting.

Science Fair Project done By Kally D. Zheng